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Re: Sven Luther, report of the mediation attempt and further actions

This is probably going to lead to a demand to get me banned, but TBH, I 
don't give a damn.

On Wednesday 03 January 2007 09:42, Sven Luther wrote:
> And Frans doesn't read private ? Well, to bad for him, you did manage
> to read the sentence where i wrote "I ask the permission to take Frans
> email public", right ? Since he is the only one who can give that
> permission, who do you believe that sentence is meant to ?

Correct, I do read private and I did read your request. The absence of an 
answer should obviously be interpreted as _NOT GETTING PERMISSION_, and 
nothing else.

> Also remember, Frans repeteadly ranted about not wanting private copies
> of list mail.

Which you are still apparently unable to do. But never mind, any mail that 
you do send directly ends up in /dev/null anyway.

Not friendly,

P.S. BTW, beautifully unbiassed mail that you wrote to d-powerpc.
No wonder I'm no longer interested in continuing pointless mediation 

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