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Re: Please appoint one new person to the DSA Team

On Thu, Dec 21, 2006 at 04:01:47PM +0100, Andreas Schuldei wrote:
> * Bill Allombert (ballombe@master.debian.org) [061221 15:12]:
> > As I suggested in my DPL platform, having someone reading debian-admin
> > who has no DSA priviledge but handle communication issues could help
> > (by providing status and ETA, answering already asked questions, etc.)
> > without interfering with the current DSA work.
> <irony>oh, that is a new thought!</irony>

I did claim the opposite.

> bill, this idea was investigated in detail and disregarded, as

I was not aware of that. Maybe the forum were that discussion occured
also need someone to handle communication issues ?

> that person would basicly have the job to nag the people doing
> the job without being able to do any productive work.

Only if you do not regard communicating as "productive work".
If three people ask the same thing and one DSA answer the first time,
this person will be able to answer the two next time.  Maybe this person
will reach a higher level of clue than the average developer and be able
to answer some other times without "nagging" the DSA.

Anyway it would be better than doing nothing.


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