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Re: Debian Etch Stable.

On Tue, Dec 12, 2006 at 08:38:05AM +0100, Alexis Sukrieh wrote:
>   1. Paying Debian Developers seems to make (some of) them completely 
> humorless, everything is taken a hundred percent seriously, as if the 
> dollars in their pockets droped their fun hability. That's a pitty.

Considering that there were exactly two (2) DDs paid for release
management, I find the wording "some of them" rather strange. It's
either zero, one or two. and I don't find Andi any humorless than he
is usually, and I see that he has fun working on Debian. Which is a
feature. Isn't it beautiful? Being paid for work that is fun! And not
having to do some unfunny work just to get the bills paid.

Otoh, I see a truckload of unpaid DDs vituperating and spreading bad
mood around the project. _That's_ the real harm that was caused - very
indirectly - by dunctank.


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