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Re: Note to "Did you already MOO today..."

On Fri, 10 Nov 2006 09:51:35 +0100, Jakob Johannes Blaette
<Jakob-Johannes.Blaette@i-dial.de> said:  

> Hello, Debain, first of all thank you for the Distribution of DEBIAN
> that I appreciate.


> I am Computer Scientist and have roman catholic believe so I'm also
> thankful f.ex. that Debian offers a Web Browser called "Epiphany
> Browser".

        I doubt that the naming had something to do with religion,

> But I could also find a program that can produce the comment "Did
> you already MOO today...?".  Now I found that "MOO" can mean a text
> based online virtual system but as well "MOOism" that is a joke
> religion (please see f.ex. wikipedia.org).  Or is the meaning only
> harmess in the meaning of cows?

	Hard to say, I don't think this has much to do with the text
 based game, and something to do with cows is also unlikely.  However,
 that is not to say that the only explanation left is "MOOism", though
 that can't be ruled out.  Perhaps there is some humour here that I am

> To my opinion it can be bad for our world if joke religion gets lot
> of influence in our world with the distribution of well known
> software.

	Well, that depends.  One person's joke is another person's
 honest belief.  And then there are people who strongly believe that
 any mention of a deity is mere superstition, who would consider _any_
 religion a joke.  I don't think it is correct to sit in judgement and
 say which belief has merit and which is a joke.  And once you start
 with MOOism, where do you stop? Is pastafarianism and the FSM next?

> Please tell me, if this comment in this program can be made less
> ambiguous.

	Please take that up with the authors of the program.

Well thaaaaaaat's okay.
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