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Re: Position Statement to the Dunc-Tanc "experiment"

On Thu, Nov 02, 2006 at 09:35:31PM -0300, calvesmit wrote:
> My name is Carlos Alberto, I come from Brazil, I'm just a Debian 
> user, not developer. I had used other linux distributions before until found 
> Debian. When other distribuition companies begins to 
> put money in first place, I choosen Debian because its beautiful volunteer 
> development model. It's seems to me the same it's happening in Debian,or at 
> least, seeds are launched. 
> Sorry for those who are being payd, but to me here outside Debian, 
> I see peaple over there trying to find a way to make money with 
> Debian; just doing it, nothing more! Debian always had a long release cycle 
> and this never had being a problem for its community. 
> What's happing today is completly against ideas lanched by Ian Murdock in 
> early days of Debian. So, sounds very strange someone to argue start such 
> project Dunk Tank in favor (supposed) to acelerate release cycle. 

Exactly my feelings. Another simple user.

> Debian is more important than individuals interest and money! All you have 
> to do is a new DPL election and let Debian shine. 

Maybe you don't know, but there are a few GR which seems to indicate that
the majority of DDs supports the current trend of things and the actions
of the current DPL.

I'm already looking for somewhere to migrate.


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