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Re: hi..i need ur help

On Fri, Nov 03, 2006 at 12:23:20AM +0800, meisam sarabadani wrote:
> dear sir
> my name is Meisam, Im majoring at Information System Engineering (IT), in MMU
> university in malaysia, its been a long time ive been using Ubuntu since last
> year...im ganna change it to debian and i know ubuntu is debian base, and they
> are so similar to each other, i was wondering if u could evaluate debian and
> compare it with ubuntu and also tell me is it a good idea to swith to debian
> from ubuntu?
> best regards
Hi Meisam sarabadani,
first, this mailing list is for discussion of issues related to the
debian project, not about issues that people have using Debian. So it
would be better to ask on the debian-user mailing list. There are many
languages available at lists.debian.org, if you do not want to use

As for using Debian or Ubuntu, they each have different goals. Debian
wants to make a 'universal' OS that works on as many computers as
possible and tries to suite many different users: system administrators,
server operators, embedded systems and desktop users, as an example.

Ubuntu is focusing on at present only a few architectures and is mostly
targeting Desktop users and some server users. Ubuntu also focuses on
supporting 100+ desktop applications and getting the rest from Debian.

While Debian tries to get all of its 10,000+ packages released.

This is just a few of the differences. Go to the website of each to get
more info or join the mailing list or irc channel for more personal

Good luck with the IT and get more folks using Free software, and maybe
start a club!
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