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Re: Proposal: SPI as international money transfer service

Martin Schulze wrote:
mmlacak wrote:
	So, my question is: can we make SPI ( http://www.spi-inc.org/,
http://www.debian.org/donations ) into monetary service which accepts
from and is able to transfer money to any country in the world? Is able
to deliver money basically from door to door ( post-office/bank to
PO/B ) ? Doesn't require anything beside internet connection and local
bank / post office account? Charges only some percentage for its own
operational expenses, so there could be some sense in donating just a
few bucks, and be sure that most of it gets to intended developer ( and
yes, this is crucial ) ? Accepts donations for any developer and any
project, not just supported ones ? Provides traceable and secure
transactions, even if it doesn't deliver within minutes, days, weeks?

FWIW: I don't think SPI should become an international bank.  Nor do
I believe that SPI has the resources to do so.

That wasn't my original proposal either. I pretty much clumsy titled it
"international money transfer service", while, in fact, it could be just
as well a bunch of individuals using whatever means to transport
money from a country to another one, paid for their service as a
volunteers. They should be organized under the umbrella of a SPI, so
there would be some public supervision of their work, and they would
be obligated to publicly document every and each money transaction.
It might prove to be cheaper, better to transfer money in hoops, not
directly from a one end of a globe to another, thus those volunteers
would form a monetary P2P network. SPI comes into story as a keeper
of a list of registered volunteers, supervises and reports on all monetary
activity by its volunteers, represents its volunteers in a case of a legal
dispute, and so on.

It's also being discussed at the moment if/how money affects developers.

Well, lets make possible for money to come in, in the first place.




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