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Re: Using money to fund real Debian work

Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> [ Continuing publicly a discussion started in -private, with the agreement
> of Pierre ]
> The discussion concerns the use of money as a resource within Debian.
> Dunc-Tank's principle is to use the money to pay for real work and not
> only for travel expenses and reimbursments. This principle is too new to get it
> to work within Debian now, people need to familiarize with the advantages and
> the drawbacks and we need to find a sustainable model for us.

When money is involved the project changes.  Developers will have to
ask why devel 1 is paid but not devel 2?  Is devel 2 not doing good
work?  Will it work for devel 1 if they work more on Debian so get
paid as well?  Why does devel 1 have to work on a day-job to get
something to eat but not devel 2?  Why is the project involved in
selecting people worth for funding?  Why can't all developers who work
hard on getting Debian better be funded similarily?  I know that
several people have lost their motivation to work on Debian as before
(yes, others will hate me for writing this again) because of this.
Some developers ask themselves already why they should work on some
tasks, when others are to be paid for their Debian work, and they have
other obligations as well.

Even if aj named this as "experiment" not all possible experiments
have to be tried out.  Somebody mentioned an unknown chemical that you
probably don't experiment with by simply drinking it and watching the
outcome.  Though, for Debian and Dunc Tank this is exactly what is

Paying developers of a project directly or indirectly by the project
is not healthy when the project consists of more than the paid


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