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Re: Daylight Saving Time - 2007

On Thu, 05 Oct 2006, Bolton, Colleen R wrote:
> I looked through your web site and could not find the answer to this
> question.  How will the Debian LINUX/UNIX system handle the new US
> Daylight Saving Time settings which go into effect in 2007?  Currently
> DST begins in April and ends in October.  In 2007, DST will be expanded
> by four weeks - beginning in Mid-March and ending in early November.  Is
> there a patch I can download or should I just manually reset the system
> clock next year?

Updated versions of tzdata already have this patch applied; this was
fixed in sarge as of 2.3.2.ds1-22sarge1.

So no, it'll all work automatically.

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