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Re: Is it time for non-epatents (Was: Re: Is it time for non-us again?)

Le mer 4 octobre 2006 19:47, Daniel Ruoso a écrit :
> Qua, 2006-10-04 às 14:04 +0200, Pierre Habouzit escreveu:
> > Le mer 4 octobre 2006 13:25, Daniel Ruoso a écrit :
> > > Isn't it the time to recreate the non-us section?
> >
> > no, at least not for patent issues. we would need a
> > debian-${COUNTRY} rather than a non-US if we begin to take that
> > into consideration.
> Ok, but this doesn't get to the point... So...
> Isn't it the time to create a non-epatents repository hosted at some
> place where software patents doesn't apply?

all right, so that means that you will have an archive without patents. 
That should not be tainted with depends upon packages in the patented 
works. I suppose we agree on that.

That would rule out mp3 players, gif viewers (think browsers, …), or a 
decent kernel (no fat32, …) ? I'm quite interested to see where that 
could lead us into.
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