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Is it time for non-us again?


I was backlogging debian-devel today and I found this:

"[..] Maybe this is because of the increased pressure now that software
patents are now being enforced and so on. At the beginning they seemed
to just chuck in whatever." (Andrew Donnellan <ajdlinux@gmail.com>)[1]

And I was just thiking that not all the world is inside this
patent-crazyness. In Brazil, for instance, software patents doesn't
apply and aren't enforceable.

It's a pity to have software not being included into Debian because of
us-nonsenseness of software patents... And this makes me ask... Isn't it
the time to recreate the non-us section?


[1] <1007a32a0609221534r43039d4o53011ac1c14559ff@mail.gmail.com> 

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