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flaming and communication over Email

For anybody interested about flaming (because in Debian we doesn't know
this problem) :)) there is a good little research about communication
over e-mail: 
Egocentrism Over E-Mail: Can We Communicate as Well as We Think?

This is an abstract:
"Without the benefit of paralinguistic cues such as gesture, emphasis,
and intonation, it can be difficult to convey emotion and tone over
electronic mail (e-mail). Five experiments suggest that this limitation
is often underappreciated, such that people tend to believe that they
can communicate over e-mail more effectively than they actually can.
Studies 4 and 5 further suggest that this overconfidence is born of
egocentrism, the inherent difficulty of detaching oneself from one’s own
perspective when evaluating the perspective of someone else. Because
e-mail communicators “hear” a statement differently depending on whether
they intend to be, say, sarcastic or funny, it can be difficult to
appreciate that their electronic audience may not." 

Full text is here[1]

Hope that can be helpfull to understand some common problems about
communication and especially communication over email and could be
useful to find a policy for debian mailing lists.



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