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Re: on firmware and freedoom

Marco d'Itri wrote:

> branden@debian.org wrote:

>>What we put in "main" carries our imprimatur, whether we like it or not.
>>While it is true that we have qualified reservations about all sorts of
>>things in main, and these are frequent fodder for discussions on -legal
>>and occasionally other mailing lists, I believe it is also true that when
>>put something in "main", we endorse it.  (We certainly pledge to provide
>>security updates for it.)
> Can you find *any* user in the whole life of the project who did
> seriously believe that we should provide for the sourceless firmwares
> which we have been distributing more support than we can do?

Actually, I do recall a person complaining about lack of support for
some fancy feature of his network card -- it turned out to be a firmware
bug, and it happened to be loadable firmware.  He still felt that it was
Debian's responsibility to fix it because it "worked under Windows".  I am 
never going to be able to find the reference though; it's only one person.

> Unless you can find a reasonale number of people believing this then it
> is false.
One is not a reasonable number, of course, but I thought you might be
interested in the anecdote.

Nathanael Nerode  <neroden@fastmail.fm>

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