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Re: Debconf7 out of June

Miguel Gea Milvaques dijo [Wed, Sep 20, 2006 at 08:08:04AM +0200]:
> Hi,
> According to the minutes from the meeting on 2006-09-09 [1], it seems
> that the candidate dates for Debconf7 lie in the middle of June. For
> some of us, this is a problem, as June is probably one of the most
> problematic months for going for many people, especially for those who
> are studying or have exams at university.
> It would be nice if the people who has to reach a decision took that
> into account, and tried to moved the Debconf7 out of June.
> We've set up a page in the wiki [2] to include a list of the people who
> would have problems with a Debconf7 in June. Please feel free to add
> yourself to the list if that is your case too.


It's a shame, but trying to get everybody's schedule together is just
impossible. I would also heavily prefer it in July... But lets look at
least at what I can speak about:

- Debconf 4: AFAICT, the dates (late May/early June) were chosen so as
  we would be close to FISL, a massive conference to which many of us
- Debconf 5: We got the buildings 3 weeks after they were finished,
  and left them two(?) weeks before they were used for the athletism
- Debconf 6: We set the dates in May to have Debconf before the rain
  season would be problematic, and before the general elections in

Yes, we tried to have them in a good time for attendees - But it was
never the main criteria.


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