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Re: Debconf7 out of June

On 10783 March 1977, Miguel Gea Milvaques wrote:

> According to the minutes from the meeting on 2006-09-09 [1], it seems
> that the candidate dates for Debconf7 lie in the middle of June. For
> some of us, this is a problem, as June is probably one of the most
> problematic months for going for many people, especially for those who
> are studying or have exams at university.

Well, no matter what date the local team will select there will always
be people that cant attend and complain. You cant avoid that.

While one would like to see the people on that list in Edinburgh, the local
team has to find the best possible date together with the venue while
keeping the costs in mind (we surely can go somewhere mid-July, if
someone finds a sponsor who doubles DebConfs money. At least doubles).

You can be sure that the local team considers the dates and tries as
hard as possible to make it fit for as many people as needed (following the
discussions in the debconf channels - there have been thoughts to modify
the debcamp/debconf way to fit better in the schedules of the venue), so
whatever date will get announced - it will be the one thats best for

bye Joerg
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