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Re: GR proposal : Freeze of the GR process until the etch release, hoping tempers will have calmed down by then.

also sprach Sven Luther <sven.luther@wanadoo.fr> [2006.09.21.1302 +0200]:
>   In order to not distract our developpers from
>   their technical work and the timely release of 
>   etch, the GR voting procedure, both currently
>   ongoing and future, will be frozen until the 
>   release of etch, hoping that tempers will have 
>   calmed until then.

A GR to freeze GRs? I don't think that's possible.

*Not* seconded. Apart, many of the topics are *about* etch, so
there'd be little point in postponing discussion/a vote.

Please, pretty please with a cherry and powdered sugar on top: cut
the crap. Everyone.

If you have a problem with Andi and Steve getting paid, why don't
you start where they did: put years of effort into Debian in the
same cooperative, communicative way, and move^W propel the project
forward as they did. Maybe then, when someone decides that you are
indispensable, you'll end up being paid as well.

If that's not your goal but your ideals are offended because
volunteers are getting paid, consider that you are the problem, not
the project.

If you're ready to step in the way of the release process with
fucking senseless GRs, flames, and whatever other forms you require
to make your voice heard, well, consider doing something else with
your time and quit. We're Debian, we release an operating system and
try to satisfy our users; we're not a psychiatric institution or
a charity to make everyone happy.

Last message from me. I'm now going to use my time towards the
release of etch instead of this kindergarten bullshit.

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