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getting ready for DebConf8


(originally bcc:ed to debian-project@, but this caused the mail not to be 
delivered to -project, so I'm resending it now without bcc: 

Please reply to debconf-team@ only.)

back in July (or June) we discussed to have a decision about where DebConf8 
will be held around the end of this year. (And from then on, to have this 
decision two years in advance.)

So, to be able to decide in around three month, I would like to remind the 
applying groups/cities/countries to start to propose their venues now - 
http://wiki.debian.org/DebConf8 already has some content. 

So please go on and create http://wiki.debian.org/DebConf8/YourCityOrCountry.

Also I have been thinking about when exactly we should have this decision. 
Maybe the end of december is not such a good idea, because of all the 
holidays. So I like to propose January the 15th 2007, which is a monday as 
the date for the decision meeting, with a presentation meeting on December, 
the 11th, also a monday. 

If you want to propose a venue, please have a look at:



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