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Re: Filibustering general resolutions

Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@debian.org> writes:
>         And people tell me I am guilty of egregious abuse of power?


>  This is just a bunch of concerned developers very slowly crafting a
>  resolution. I am sure I can make my resolution come to perfection
>  over the course of several years.
>         If the DAM can suddenly exercise judgement, and it is not
>  abuse of power, why is a brainless secretary so very desirable? 

Manoj, please stop this crap. Either continue to work like a real
secretary, or step down.

I'm usually not very keen on taking part in flame wars, so I probably
haven't read everything that lead to the frustration you are feeling at
the moment, but I would really like you to stop this current "I'm
supposed to be a brainless secretary" bit.

I can understand that you have an opinion about all GRs that are
proposed, but in your role as Project Secretary, you are supposed to be
apolitical and you shouldn't try to make people's life harder than it
needs to be. This does *not* mean that you should like a machine, but
that you should, for example, consult someone else if you feel that your
decisions could be influenced by your private opinion. The job you have
done for the last years could not be done by a mindless machine, that's
why we have a person to do it. Please don't try to turn into the former
just because some people needed to flame, but work on new ways to work
around the problematic parts of being human.

Thanks, Marc
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