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Re: Fw: Kurdish Linux debian

On Sunday 17 September 2006 20:24, Erdal Ronahi wrote:
> Thanks for forwarding this. In fact, we have not only translated parts of
> the Debian installer, but large parts of OpenOffice, GNOME, KDE and
> Mozilla as well. I'll try to get into contact with the guy. Is
> rastx@freenet.de the correct address?

No idea - the original email looked like a template text that some 
organisation asked its members to forward to as many software companies as 
possible.  I already wrote him, but I didn't know there was already an 
effort going on - perhaps you could write him (her?) again, telling him of 
these efforts.  As you can see the original email was in german, so I guess 
you should write to him in Kurdish, not knowing if he understands english.

Summarised, my email tells him that
 * Debian is a volunteer project
 * he would have to do the translating work "himself"
 * Debian would welcome contributions, and thus his work would become part 
of the official Debian releases.
 * Dzongkha Linux is a very successful example where a translation gets done 
where the commercial software world is/was not interested.
and I also propose that he tells me where he lives, so that somebody could 
meet him face to face, to demonstrate what Debian is etc.

-- vbi

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