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Re: OT: (maybe) Debian history

Kevin Mark wrote:
> (if this is not the exact forum, I guess some kind soul can wisk it
> away to where it should be)

I think curiosa is the one. Setting the reply-to there.

> I was just flikr'ing at the spain i18n photos from aigarius and
> thought that someone or someones who know about these things should
> put a wiki page on the sorid, assorted, hidden world of cheese and
> potent potables that seems to invade various and sundry events that
> debianista attend hither and yon! Its Debian folk lore at its best!
> I've only witnessed it via pixels but one day I shall bring some
> solidfied milk products!

When Debian geeks meet, they engage in several activities, not limited
to cheese-sharing. There is also Wine BOFs, Mao card playing, sauna...
I know I am forgetting plenty of them...

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