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Re: Concerns with Open/OS Corporate Linux ads?

Scripsit Benjamin Mesing <ben-ml@gmx.net>

>>  - we have our own security team

> That isn't negated by their add, in fact they state that Debian is
> secure. And Debian has lacked security support for new software for a
> long time (I believe testing is supported now).

We also shouldn't fool ourselves into thinking that a commercial
repackager with a real dedication to security support (say, by hiring
a handful of full-time employees to keep it current, and also by
restricting their attention to one or a few architectures) could not
beat _our_ overworked, underpaid (etc) security team.

As a random data point, take DSA-1116 (a buffer overrun with no known
exploit, in a quite popular piece of desktop software), where I happen
to have a timeline:

July 1 - reported privately to security team, with patch
July 6 - bug goes public through upstream's BTS, Debian bug filed
July 7 - upstream releases fixed version
July 7 - fixed in NMU to unstable
July 13 - bug reaches front of security team's attention queue.
          DSA and update to sarge prepared, but is stalled by some
          buildd problem on a minor architecture.
July 18 - fix propagates from unstable to testing
July 21 - fixed in sarge, DSA released

It is not my point to criticize the security team; I have no reason to
think they are not doing an absolutely fantastic job within the
externally-imposed constraints of volunteer work, unstable supplies of
free time in which to do the work, donated autobuilder machines spread
around the world and run by a different set of volunteers, and so on
and so forth.

But it is also clear that a business which makes it a strategic
priority to compete on the timeliness of security updates *could* well
provide some real value over our stable and testing suites here, even
- as in this case - when we have a 5-day head start.  Whether the
company in question *is* actually such a business or it is just making
empty promises, can of course not be discerned just by reading their

> I do not think that Debian as a whole should take action, but you could
> sent an email to them and tell them that they've hurt your feelings (and
> you, as opposed to me, form a part of Debian).

But please take care to express that it is an individual that you
complain, rather than as a representative of Debian as such.

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