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Re: Rethinking stable updates policy

Martin Schulze wrote:
> It would be good, though, especially in order to have some support for
> hardware that has entered the market after the last Debian release, if
> there would be an outside repository for updated kernel and installer
> packages.  However, nobody considered this important enough yet.
> (Hint! Hint!)

Not quite: Some people met at Debconf (including Frans, aba, Dann and me)
to discuss a potential solution to the hardware problem. Dann sent a report
around, didn't you get it?
The rough plan is to provide an alternative set of updated kernel packages
and potentially also xservers (depending on how modular the new X.org
modulization really is) nine months after Etch release. Everyone who has
installed regular Etch would stay with it and those requiring it could
choose it instead (possibly through an etch-update apt source). However
all fine details need to be sorted out and for now the priority should be
to release Etch on the 4th of December.


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