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Re: Rethinking stable updates policy

John Goerzen wrote:
> But I'm not trying to talk in this thread about how hard or easy it is
> technically to build stuff for stable.  That level will change over
> time.  (And if we really find it so much more difficult to build a
> kernel for stable than other distros do, we need to examine that and
> make needed improvements.  Maybe Joey Hess can comment on the
> installer here.)
> The question I'm trying to open up is first:
>   Is it useful to update a kernel in stable?

It is probably useful to provide updated kernel pacakges and installer
- but separate from Debian stable.

> And secondly:
>   Is it possible to do it in a sane way, preserving stability?

Good question.  For sarge and >= 2.6.15 I'd say no.

> And finally, if so, then we need to ask:
>   How can we make it easy for everyone involved to do this?

Don't change the kernel too much, don't change kernel packaging
too much.  While we have influence on the second, we don't have
influence on the first.



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