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Re: Rethinking stable updates policy

Marc Haber wrote:
> > To start with, [1] says that a package is only uploaded to stable when
> > it meets one of these criteria:
> > 
> >  * it fixes a truly critical functionality problem
> > 
> >  * the package becomes uninstallable
> > 
> >  * a released architecture lacks the package
> I would love to have "the new package for stable eases future update"
> as this would allow to fix stable issues which would otherwise cause
> future grief to fix. For example, a more allowing policy would allow
> exim 3 to warn against new installations and in turn motivate people
> to update to exim3 before they take the etch plunge.

Adding a warning *now* does not imply to *eases future update*.



Have you ever noticed that "General Public Licence" contains the word "Pub"?

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