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Re: on firmware and freedoom

Pierre Habouzit wrote:
> > I dream about the moment when all people will feel it that way, and
> > about the time when the Debian Project will purge the "non-free"
> > section (containing non-free software) and the "contrib" section
> > (containing free software that is in chains), thus remaining 100%
> > committed to the Free Software ideals.
> that's your opinion, but that's not what was said. What was said is that 
> main should remain free, and the author's opinion is that calling 
> things "blobs" does not makes them more free or less non-free and if 
> they don't deserve main, those should not get in there.

Yes, that was my [1] opinion only.  What Branden said additionaly is
that he would not sacrifice his freedom for the sake of convenience
and that freedom has to be fought for.  I acknowledge the fact that he
accepts the contrib/non-free sections, that's why the first part of my
sentence is one dream about what he feels about this issue, and the
second one is another dream that he apparently does not share (now).

> And I strongly disagree with you about the contrib/non-free sections 
> anyway (and most DD do, since support to the non-free section has been 
> voted recently). But that's another topic.

That's why I call it a dream.  What you state here is a true and
confirmed fact.  It seems that most DDs want Debian to be a "popular"
distribution with many users and consider that a priority.  But that's
another topic, really, so let's drop it.

[1] And the opinion of almost all users that I know.  I'm biased, as I
usually communicate with people that consider defending their freedom
one of the most important goals.

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