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Re: Proposal: The DFSG do not require source code for data, including firmware

Le mer 23 août 2006 12:16, Christian Perrier a écrit :
> > Why would I do that, when you are taking the opposite way? When you
> > believe a commend on a list has no merit, you explicitly ask other
> > people to ignore it, based on a stupid DD/non-DD segregation
> > instead of the merits of the comment.
> This is not my understanding of aj's comment, Josselin. He did not 
> ask to *ignore* Peter's comment, but only to remind that, Peter not
> being a DD, the comment can't be told to reflect the DD community
> opinion.

This is still how many people (me included) do perceive it. Moreover, 
the fact that the opinion that Peter expressed is widespread or not 
among the DDs is also irrelevant to the discussion.

The discussion is about what options we have, and the the GR will be 
responsible to see which opinion is the most shared among the DD 
comunity. Until the vote, anybody can express his views opinions, even 
if it is a minority position ... that is what a public debate really is 

With that in mind, beeing a DD or not is a completely irrelevant 
information, and reminding is, whichever the original intention of that 
reminder was, is rude and inappropriate. That's not the first tham that 
aj does such reminders[1], and especiall beeing the DPL[2], I find that 


 [1] remember the ugly java thread ...

 [2] that does not mean that it's ok to do such remarks not beeing the
     DPL, it means that having such words as the DPL makes it worse.
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