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Re: No more bugreports from me.

On Wed, 16 Aug 2006, Magnus Berg wrote:
> I don't put much blame on the Aptitude maintainer for that's happened. I'm 
> little irritated but understand that the normal thing to do, and as a reflex 
> action, is just use the redeliver button in the e-mail application and 
> redeliver my mail as it is.

Bug reports aren't modified, just like the content of the list
archives aren't modified. The most alteration done to the bug log is
to remove obvious spam, just like what happens to the list archives.

If you don't want your e-mail address made public, don't send it to
the BTS. [Frankly though, I don't really see the point. My address is
on hundreds or thousands of reports, and it's not like the spam that
I'm sent isn't handled with spamassassin or similar programs. Spam is
a problem, but making things more difficult for legitimate users of
your address is not the solution.]

> But then the administrator doesn't remove my mail address on request
> I get real angry.

I (and anyone else on owner@) haven't responded because I have been
busy, and your request requires rehashing things that have been
explained before.
> Now I suggest that that a script change all e-mail addresses, in all
> incoming bugreports, to links that hide the e-mail address.

This is #63995, which has been marked 'wontfix' for the explanation
contained within for quite some time.

Don Armstrong

"Ban cryptography! Yes. Let's also ban pencils, pens and paper, since
criminals can use them to draw plans of the joint they are casing or
even, god forbid, create one time pads to pass uncrackable codes to
each other. Ban open spaces since criminals could use them to converse
with each other out of earshot of the police. Let's ban flags since
they could be used to pass secret messages in semaphore. In fact let's
just ban all forms of verbal and non-verbal communication -- let's see
those criminals make plans now!"

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