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Re: Re: No more bugreports from me.

I don't put much blame on the Aptitude maintainer for that's happened. I'm 
little irritated but understand that the normal thing to do, and as a reflex 
action, is just use the redeliver button in the e-mail application and 
redeliver my mail as it is.
But then the administrator doesn't remove my mail address on request I get 
real angry.

Now I suggest that that a script change all e-mail addresses, in all incoming 
bugreports, to links that hide the e-mail address. The Debian community is 
very good at making package building scripts so I don't thingk that it should 
meet any problems to build a script that takes care of that. And I think 
everybody should be happy if they got less Spam. And as I wrote before: Spam 
should not be the drawback for reporting bugs.

Magnus Berg

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