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Re: DebianTimes launched

On Saturday 05 August 2006 21:44, Benj. Mako Hill wrote:
> I don't really have strong feelings about maintaining some sort of
> purity of planet as for personal blogs.
> I do, however, don't want to do anything that sacrifices planets
> current role of providing a great personal space. I didn't think that
> have DWN or DT on Planet would do that but if others think it would,
> I'll be happy to defer to consensus.

The thing is that aggregating everything in one place reduces choice. I 
like planet as it is currently because what I get is well defined: 
personal blogs from people working on Debian.

It would also result in the different types of feeds getting mixed up in 
one category in the aggregator I use for reading planet and other rss 
services, while I'd prefer to have news items separate from personal 
blogs, possibly with a different expiration period.

Personally I don't want to receive DWN at all via rss: I prefer the mail 

Of course I have no problem with creating separate categories on planet 
for other types of feeds. But please keep the original purpose of planet 
as a separate service and allow users choice.


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