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Re: DebianTimes launched

On 10736 March 1977, Andreas Barth wrote:

> After some more of the feedback, I decided to remove it from
> PlanetDebian. That same reason should IMHO also apply to removing the
> DebConf Blog (and not adding one for DebConf 7) and permanently removing
> DWN from PlanetDebian.

In future please do not remove random other blogs too. Thats not your
job. That DC6 one was different to the DebianTimes thing and IMO does
not fall under the same "go away". It is a personal blog - of all DC
organizers, related to DC.

I will add a DC7 one again, if we decide to have such a thing next year.

(*This time* its ok as that DC6 blog was dead anyways and i just forgot to
remove it).

bye Joerg
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