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Re: DebianTimes launched

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On 08/03/2006 05:38 PM, Andreas Barth wrote:
> * Frans Pop (elendil@planet.nl) [060803 22:02]:
>>I'd prefer keeping PlanetDebian pure as a aggregator of personal blogs.
> Hm, ok. I can see your point, but I disagree (but of course, I'm biased).
> Anyways, if more DDs feel your way, I will remove DebianTimes. (DWN was
> removed due to flooding planet, not for "it's not a personal blog, btw.)

Andreas, just one extra point for consideration.

	If you keep DebianTimes as part of Planet Debian, maybe you
will not find a real "response" from the users, they can keep following
only Planet Debian and *maybe* you will not find out the impact of
DebianTimes in the audience.

	I don't have a strong preference, I will keep reading both of
them, but maybe you would have a better answer as an experiment if you
try it without feeding Planet Debian.

	Just my two cents. Kind regards,

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