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Re: Branding for Debian derivatives -- "Debian Distilled"

Scripsit Anthony Towns <aj@azure.humbug.org.au>

> Okay, so this is just my idea. Add grains of salt to taste, etc.
> The idea is to take the Debian "official use" logo [0] which we've
> never really made much use of, and declare it the logo for derivatives
> instead. Add the word "distilled" [1] underneath, and you could describe
> a derivative something like this:

I'm not much for co-opting the bottle logo like this. True, it is
seldom used, but some people do know what it is currently supposed to
mean, and it will create confusion to start using it for something
completely opposite.

How about someting like
which shows Debian rolling out the red carpet for derivates? :-)

Henning Makholm              "Wir kommen nun ans Ziel unserer Ausführungen."

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