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Re: package ownership in Debian

Le ven 28 juillet 2006 23:01, Gustavo Franco a écrit :
> On 7/28/06, Pierre Habouzit <madcoder@debian.org> wrote:

> > do you know a thing that could benefit from that ?
> >  - unofficial ports (kfreebsd e.g.) for whom it's a real PITA to
> > have their patches (often of *excellent* quality) to get it.
> >
> >  - theming squad (yeah, debian is the sole distro in which the
> > desktops don't have some kind of homgenous look, making it utterly
> > horrible for the newbie) that would just have to integrate their
> > themes, icons, in the right desktop packages.
> >
> >  - transitions: I'm the menu packager, I want to change how some
> > option of menu files are handled, no problem, I go to the lintian
> > lab, lists all the packages that will have to be fixed, and DO AN
> > UPLOAD FIXING THEM AT THE SAME TIME instead of waiting for some 2
> > or 3 lazy maintainers that will apply that only 4 monthes later
> > (did you noticed the /usr/doc transition is still NOT over ?)
> >
> > and I'm sure you can make an arm long list just thinking for a
> > couple of minutes.
> Great use cases for this proposal! Btw, while we're at this theme
> stuff. There's
> desktop-base that i would like to push forward with some consensus
> between pkg-gnome, pkg-kde and xfce maintainers at least. I started
> some work on the package but need to try organize a online meeting
> about this with the parties involved. If you're interested in this,
> contact me off list first please.

I'm not interested to do the work, because I lack the interest, I know 
how to theme my own desktop. But I know it's a most wanted feature from 
users, and as a KDE co-maintainer, you can expect my full cooperation 
on that.

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