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Re: package ownership in Debian

Le ven 28 juillet 2006 22:40, MJ Ray a écrit :
> Joerg Jaspert <joerg@debian.org> wrote:
> > Simply change the NMUs to be always 0-day, for all bugs >=3Dnormal.
> > Which means - upload and mail to BTS at the same time.
> Would that mean we get BTS+NMU tennis instead of BTS tennis,
> where differences of opinion over what is a serious bug result
> in 0-day NMUs as well as BTS reopens?
> […]
> I'm not sure what the solution is, but 0-day always seems a big
> step backwards for Quality Control.  More co-maints seems a
> better idea as a step forwards.

I've seen more problems of bad maintainers with bad packages, than of 
irrevertible broken NMUs. Yes shit happen, but well, if you don't move, 
things rot, which is not much better.

do you know a thing that could benefit from that ?
 - unofficial ports (kfreebsd e.g.) for whom it's a real PITA to have
   their patches (often of *excellent* quality) to get it. 

 - theming squad (yeah, debian is the sole distro in which the desktops
   don't have some kind of homgenous look, making it utterly horrible
   for the newbie) that would just have to integrate their themes,
   icons, in the right desktop packages.

 - transitions: I'm the menu packager, I want to change how some option
   of menu files are handled, no problem, I go to the lintian lab, lists
   all the packages that will have to be fixed, and DO AN UPLOAD FIXING
   THEM AT THE SAME TIME instead of waiting for some 2 or 3 lazy
   maintainers that will apply that only 4 monthes later (did you
   noticed the /usr/doc transition is still NOT over ?)

and I'm sure you can make an arm long list just thinking for a couple of 

Just think how smooth the g++4.1 transition was. Why was it ? because 
tbm took all the buggy packages, waited 4 or 5 days for the maintainers 
to fix them, or show they were active about that, and NMUed the rest. 
I've never ever seen a more clean and quick transition in debian. 
TTBOMK nobody even tried to complain. But I also think that nobody 
dared to because it was tbm. Would a random DD have tried the same 
thing, that wouldn't have been *that* easy.
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