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[survey] Open-sourcing research

Some of you may want to participate in this survey:

> As you may remember, we are researching a new mode of outsourcing
> that we term 'open-sourcing', whereby companies seek to grow a
> community of open source developers around what has typically (but
> not always) been a proprietary product previously. Both the company
> and the developer community have mutual expectations of each other,
> and if these are not fulfilled, the initiative may not be
> successful.
> Through a number of in-depth interviews, we have derived a set of
> expectations for successful open-sourcing and would really
> appreciate your feedback on these at
> http://www.calibre.ie/survey/index.php
> Pre-testing suggests that this questionnaire can be completed in
> about 5 minutes and you may WIN a Nokia 770 Internet Tablet.

> We would be grateful if you could forward this to any other relevant
> parties, particularly within the Debian community. We will be
> disseminating the research results widely (and a copy would of
> course be available).
> Best regards,
> Par Agerfalk and Brian Fitzgerald
> ---
> Dr Pär J Ågerfalk, PhD
> Research Fellow

Martin Michlmayr

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