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I'm not sure if this is the right place to send this too but here goes

Good evening/afternoon/morning,

My name is James Purser and I am setting up a project
(http://localfoss.org) aimed at helping to promote the various FOSS
communities around the world. The idea is to create a place that people
can come to catch up on news about the different communities and the
projects they support.

I am writing to this list, as I am looking for people who would be
interested in submitting stories and articles about what is going on in
their home communities to the project.

I am also running a live online radio programme/podcast which at the
moment, focuses on the Australian FOSS community but I am hoping to
build it up and present an international version and maybe even
localised versions for each country/region.

If this is the wrong list to send this too, then please let me know, I
don't want to step on any toes.

Thanks for your time.

James Purser
Producer/Presenter - Linux Australia Update
http://james.k-sit.com - My Blog
http://k-sit.com - My IT Consultancy
http://localfoss.org - LA Update Podcast, LUG Roundup and more
Skype: purserj1977
SIP: 736855@fwd.pulver.com

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