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Re: "Debian Powered" Logo

On Mon, Jul 03, 2006, Yavor Doganov wrote:
> I have no intention to troll at all.  No matter how repeatedly this is
> explained, it is a fact.  One can download non-free software from
> Debian FTP servers, the official mirrors, it is being built by the
> buildds, it is using the PTS/BTS, it's part of the release process,
> actually using all official Debian resources.

 You proved non-free software is supported by the Debian infrastructure,
 and is supported in general for our users, along free software.

>                                                Announcements for
> proprietary software also go on debian-devel-announce.

 As well as trolls on lesbians and Ubuntu.  Beside, it seems the
 freeness of Debian is discussed on FSF lists too.  :)

>                                                         And, as
> pointed by Loïc Minier, the Debian Project reaffirmed its support by
> that GR.

 Yes, the support of non-free was reaffirmed, but it was not included.
 It is correct to say that non-free is not part of Debian, as the social
 contract affirms.

> If it was on non-free.debian.net and was not using Debian
> resources/infrastructure, I would agree with you.

 Why do you have to put the Debian infrastructure and the Debian OS in
 the same bag?  Can't one build free software under a system which holds
 non-free files?

 This really looks like a troll.

Loïc Minier <lool@dooz.org>

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