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Unbranding Debian? (was: Re: "Debian Powered" Logo)

> If we made it easy to rebrand Debian, that would encourage people to
> resell it, and it would give us some control over how that rebranding
> was done, allowing us to encourage them to promote themselves AND us!

This is actually what has been made by the D-I team. Most parts of D-I
are now unbranded, after a complete collaboration between Colin
Watson, wearing his Ubuntu hat, and Frans, Joey and myself, mostly,
wearing our "we're not Canonincal employees" hat.

It went flawlessly and, up to now, no-one has complained while in the
same time, we made Colin's work easier when merging D-I changes in
Ubuntu. As a consequence, Colin is more available to collaborate with
the D-I team. So, both of us did benefit from this.

Of course, *now* maybe some people will complain that we unbranded

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