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Re: Fundamental flaw in bug reporting system

"Michael Wheatley" <mwheatley@telus.net> wrote in message [🔎]">news:[🔎]
I would understand a steep learning curve but this is a catch 22 overhang.

I am a complete newbie. The install went great and I have my command line. Then I spend hours trying to find info on loading a GUI and the closest I get is GNOME support telling me to "Click on the session icon" but all I have is a command line. I decide that this could be a documentation bug or feature request and I try to submit a bug report but your system bounces it for poor info or structure. It looks like it will take me hours to figure out how to properly format a bug report so I will not try further.

Sorry to hear that. The reccomended way to submit a bug report is
by using the 'reportbug' program. That program will guide you through the needed steps.

The fundamental problem is that a newbie lacks the understanding of the system or the patience that is needed to submit a bug report. Any bugs that stop newbies from using and learning the system go unreported and the system retains any flaws that exclude new users.

My system is going back into storage for now.

My guess is that you simply do not have a gui installed.
Login using the username 'root' and the password you gave to the root account.

Run this:
"aptitude update"

When that is finished run this:
"aptitude install xorg"

Once that is finished you have installed a GUI, but X11 by itself is barely usuable.
You almost certainly want a Desktop Environment.

To install one run:

"aptitude install gnome"
"aptitude install kde"

The choice is yours. KDE is more heavyweight but is probably slightly
more freindly to users coming from Windows or Mac OS X.

When you finally get back to the command line run "reboot".

If all went well, when it is finished rebooting, you will have a graphical login screen, which is then followed by a GUI.

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