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debian-niggers and debian-lgbt projects.

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

I am interested in starting some debian projects.  As a homosexual, debian-using, black, I am surprised at the low numbers of black and/or LGBT members of the debian community. I believe that starting debian-niggers, and debian-gay or debian-lgbt projects would help to increase participation of the respective parties in the debian community.

The first step in achieving this goal is to start mailing lists, where fellow debian-using niggers and gays can communicate.  It seems more and more niggers and fags are using ubuntu these days... It's time we got back to our roots!

In hoping to achieve the success of debian-women, debian-lgbt (or debian-gay) and debian-niggers will be excellent additions to the debian community.  Just as debian-women has brought together experts, and newbies alike, as equals in their womenhood, so shall debian-niggers and debian-lgbt (or debian-gay) bring all those willing together, as equals in their niggerness and homosexuality, in the spirit of free software.

I'm sure if such great niggers as Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. or Malcolm X were alive today, they would be GNU/Linux advocates!  Heralds of free speech and free software!

As a side note, since GNOME is already offering the Google Summer of Code's $9000 to female developers, perhaps Debian could offer its money to nigger developers?

Please respond with haste, not hate!

Jonathan Maxwell,
Head of Free Speech at Gay Nigger Advocates of America, a division of SUKI (TM)

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