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Re: Donations [Don't donate to feminist organizations]

Don't donate to feminist organizations. Donate to
fathers 4 justice or something similar instead. Why
donate to a organization that likes and apreciates
you, as a man, less and less. Debian respects freedom
of speech for women, they can complain about men all
they want and say whatever they want, the same cannot
be said for male debian developers: say anything
against feminism and get kicked out.

Please do not support debian; leave it to the women,
they want it give it all to them. Create a new distro
that welcomes men rather then women in. Don't support
a distro that panders to feminist women and kicks out
non-feminist men.

--- Martin Wuertele <maxx@debian.org> wrote:

> Hi Manoj!
> * Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@debian.org> [2006-06-12
> 15:47]:
> > OK, How about this:
> (... Manojs suggestion ...)
> That sounds fine imo.
> Thanks for the work.
> yours Martin
> -- 
> <maxx@debian.org> ---- Debian GNU/Linux - The
> Universal Operating System
> Martin Klaffenboeck wrote:
> > Ist unter windows ein 'mv file file.exe' sowas wie
> ein 'chmod +w 
> > file' ? Wenn ja, dann erfüllt auch das den Zweck
> den es soll.
> das war eines meiner ersten Programm in QBasic: move
> gorillas.bas
> gorillas.exe, das dann ausführen hat den Rechner
> kaltgestartet, das 
> war lustig ;)
>                 -- Roland Lezuo, at.linux

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