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Re: Fwd: (Debian's Two Choices) The influx of women and the outflux of men. The end of debian as a distro and it's emergance as a women's rights pulpit.

Yea you've become a developer... and have done nearly
nothing except shill your feminist shit and try to
turn debian into a woman's project (you are
succeeding, men are leaving debian because of you and
your ilk, worthless bitch).

I pray that God takes you and all your supporters from
this earth soon.

You are a developer because so many vocal men support
feminism (no matter how many divorces they suffer
through). You are not a developer on your own merit.
Those who are against you do not dare speak up because
they know that anti-feminist men are thrown out of

I am praying for your death and the death of your

What you have done to debian should not go unpunished,
your dislike of men (that chip can be seen from space)
and wish to raise women up to be "strong and powerful"
and take men's work (debian and other free software
projects) away from them should earn you a death
sentance. Debian cannot survive when men leave it. 

I pray you find your way into a feminist unfriendly
country one day. God willing, you will die.

Happily the feminist-unfriendly countries are
immigrating to you. Remeber the netherlands? Feminists
die there.

--- Helen Faulkner <helen@debian.org> wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> Matthew Garrett wrote:
> > On Mon, Jun 12, 2006 at 08:16:14AM +0200,
> annabelle tully wrote:
> >> I'm not against Debian Women at all. I am against
> the image it can
> >> give. The basic points of Debian Women you wrote
> are great, but I fear
> >> DW might not reflect those points enough.
> > 
> > Did you actually read my email? Especially:
> > 
> >>> But more importantly, it's an impression that's
> *false*. Many of the
> >>> participants in d-w are active in technical
> aspects of the project.
> >>> Several are in the new maintainer queue. We have
> more women involved in
> >>> Debian than we've ever had before. So it's a
> problem if d-w gives the
> >>> impression of being a bunch of people
> uninterested in doing anything
> >>> technical. Certainly, getting rid of the project
> would be one way of
> >>> solving that. Alternatively, we could fix the
> impression that people get
> >>> in order to ensure that it reflects reality.
> >>>
> >>> So, as someone who's observed this impression,
> it would be really
> >>> helpful if you could tell us what gave you that
> impression and what
> >>> could be done to rectify it. Lists of maintained
> packages? Interviews?
> >>> Daily emails with bugs closed by women?
> Seriously, communicating the
> >>> goals of d-w with the rest of the project is
> important and I'm sure that
> >>> nobody is happy with people getting the wrong
> idea.
> > 
> Hmm, I think I can imagine how people might get the
> wrong idea about the success
> of the Debian Women project in terms of getting
> women involved in technical
> aspects of Debian.
> Firstly, people may not realise that it can commonly
> take several years before a
> person who is involved in Debian becomes a DD, if,
> indeed that is their aim.  I
> personally started using Debian 6 or 7 years ago.  I
> started contributing, in
> the form of bug reports, about 5 or 6 years ago.  I
> got involved in Debian Women
> about 2 years ago and I became a DD 1 year ago (and
> I actually progressed
> through NM in the relatively fast time of about a
> year).  I don't think this
> type of progression is uncommon.  That means that we
> may not see large numbers
> of women becoming DDs for a few years yet.  That
> doesn't worry me at all.  I
> think that it is impressive enough that the number
> of female DDs has roughly
> doubled since the Debian Women project started and
> that we have about double
> that number of women in NM at the present time.
> Secondly, people may not realise that women are
> making technical contributions
> to Debian that won't be obvious unless the mailing
> lists and IRC channels are
> watched closely.  Translators, bug-squashers and
> package maintainers don't have
> to be DDs, and we have many people involved in those
> activities whose
> involvement might be a little hard to spot.
> Maybe we really should start making lists of our
> collective achievements?  (It
> would take people who are willing to compile and
> maintain such lists - such
> things get out of date very fast.)
> Helen
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