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Dealing with trolling


Steve Langasek <vorlon@debian.org>
Please stop dignifying this waste of flesh by holding a conversation with

Do you think it's fine to ignore good advice on dealing with
disruptive behaviour just because the target is debian-women?
The reason people ignore the thread opener is because it's trolling, not because it targets debian-women.

Must you sink to the level of the attacker?
If you think troll feeding is the superior method for dealing with trolls, feel free to come exercise yourself on #debian. If you don't get yourself silenced or kicked before the trolls, I'll reconsider my views on your method.

I think it's better to show him how little support his views have,
even among opponents of the current debian-women effort.

Feel free to proceed to that in private. Remember to ask Yahoo! to reopen his account before. As for spamming the list, it's already sufficient.

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