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Re: (Debian's Two Choices) The influx of women blah bla blah

Deb is from the founder's girlfriend's name. 
Ian is from the founder's name.
Mrs Deb, however, is not a debian developer, she is
just a name who has cut no code and has not given
debian anything.

Did you notice how a man decided to steal part of a
woman's name to name his project. It was a man's

Oh but yes it must support your cause to purge debian
of all mysoginistic and non-feminist men inorder to
make room for that 50% female involvement you demand.

Debian is sliding, because of you debian women, from a
technical project into a political party focused on
gender equality.

Get out of debian debian-women. This was a technical
project and you are ruining it. You do nothing for the
project but complain at men and have men ostracized.


--- Tina Isaksen <tina@bestemselv.com> wrote:

> I probably should keep my mouth shut but I can't
> help my self; I wonder 
> if the troll even know that the name 'Debian' is an
> acronym. And if he 
> knows where the 'Deb' part is comming from..? :P
> I'm sorry... I just find that hysterically funny :)
> Tina
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