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Re: Donations

Andreas Barth <aba@not.so.argh.org>
> * MJ Ray (mjr@phonecoop.coop) [060526 15:21]:
> > Steve is an officer of a trader called the Debian-UK Society.
> > It is not a charity.  Please make donations to SPI directly.
> What's that? Can you *please*  stop throwing shit on Debian UK? Debian
> UK was etablished following the Debian procedures.

The above is true, isn't it?  The Debian-UK Society also arguably
ignores the long-standing "Debian does not sell any products"
assurance to Debian vendors, but maybe it's not part of Debian,
so maybe not.  There have been fixes, but it is a second party
and no charity.  The request clearly said they didn't want to
donate to a second party.

What "Debian procedures" do you think were followed when
establishing the Debian UK Society?  Telling the people
affected after the event is not the usual way.

> If you dislike it, you're open to start an GR. Otherwise,
> please just shut up - especially when it comes speaking to
> external people who want to donate money to us.

When speaking to external people, ask for donations to go to one
of the registered charities.  Those should make it clear exactly
what is held for the debian project, what are other funds and
document the instructions to spend, unlike a private business.

I don't think there's enough support for a GR (most DDs seem
not to care about this thing in a foreign country) so please
don't advocate pointless bureaucracy.  There's enough else to do.
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Bv sekvu http://www.uk.debian.org/MailingLists/#codeofconduct

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