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Should this be how i am supposed to act in mailing list discussions ?

Ok, i will try to play nice, and do as everyone asks from me, We will see if
it works :

  1) I have asked the DPL to mediate this issue, with as far as i can see very
  little effect, except it seems to me they have chosen to let the issue rot.

  2) on april 28, a week ago, i made the following proposal to Steve McIntyre,
  who the DPL delegated to speak with me :

    If they refrained from bashing on me regularly again, and restored my commit
    rights, and i would continue my one-post-per-day-per-thread policy, i think
    this might be an acceptable compromise.

  I also asked if there was any communication with Frans and the d-i team,
  there has been some, but the only thing that came of it, was Frans apology
  for not telling me that they where going to kick me.

  3) An apology for not telling me i was being kicked is not enough, what good
  does it do ? There is still no recognition of the gravity of the action, nor
  of the lack of decency involved in the timing of when it was done.

  4) As you see from my compromise, i don't really care that they apologize or
  something, i am just asking that they don't stop me from doing useful work
  for debian. If they dislike working with me, fine, they can ignore my mails,
  and i hardly go to #debian-boot anymore, so there should be no problem
  apart from their hurt pride.

What else can i say, i just want to point out one thing from your own post :

On Fri, May 05, 2006 at 03:49:06PM -0400, Filipus Klutiero wrote:
> Sven wrote :
> >Indeed. My one-email-per-day-per-thread ipolicy is suspended until this
> >issue is solved, at least for question concerning this issue :)
> So in summary, 4 people warned you about your inadequate attitude, and 
> the only replies these people got were yours, violating your 
> one-email-per-day-per-thread policy.

So, it is clear that you didn't read what i wrote, which in the past prompted
me to repeat myself. You say this behavior is not acceptable, so, what do you
propose instead ? 

So, is this like i am supposed to behave in email exchanges ?


Sven Luther

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