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Thread was already dead

Indeed. My one-email-per-day-per-thread ipolicy is suspended until this
issue is solved, at least for question concerning this issue :)

Sven, as hard as it currently seems to be for you to not have the last word on a thread or even a sub-thread, I think you should avoid posting messages like these. When people like Michael Banck intervene in a thread as external observers, it doesn't seem appropriate to answer them with a humoristic answer and an emoticon, particularly when the discussion is about a severe communication issue.

This thread started with Sven Mueller warning you that your behavior in the conflict involving you was inadequate and irrational. You have replied to the first message by going on with the behavior that Sven Mueller was reproaching you. Wouther Verhelst replied to the start of your mail, finishing by telling you to calm down instead of replying to the whole mail. Then, you pasted a part of Wouter's reply and wrote something below it, as you would do to reply to someone, but instead of answering, went on with the behavior that Wouter Verhelst was reproaching to you. Then came Michael Banck's subtile comment about your behavior and Geert Stappers' warning of what may follow if you don't do something about your attitude.

So in summary, 4 people warned you about your inadequate attitude, and the only replies these people got were yours, violating your one-email-per-day-per-thread policy. If you think that an emoticon is an interesting reply to this, I think people may instead believe that you're trying to obfuscate the thread's content. Personally, I believe you've depleted your attention quota and use of smileys in serious threads quota for this year with Debian developers.

Instead of blaming your attitude too, I'd rather try proposing a solution to end this awful energy waste: Please stop your involvement in the kernel/d-i team until your psychological situation seems to improve. I can only hope that this situation is related to your mother's situation, and that we can expect it to improve, perhaps next year. If you still want to intervene at times, post your mails that you believe may be inflamatory to a fellow DD willing to moderate, asking for review. Only post these mails after these were accepted, or successfully rewritten toward something acceptable. If you get more negative feedback like the 4 mails not from you in this thread about some of your mails for which you estimated that no review was necessary, then start asking review for all your Debian-related discussion mails.

If you need to (temporarily, at least) compensate the free time that stopping involvement in the d-i/kernel teams will let you, and want to do so in Debian, make sure that you involve in teams far from the people you have trouble dealing with. Reading your expulsion request, it seemed that you were appreciated in other teams, and that your work could be appreciated there even in your current situation.

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