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Re: wiki.debian.org: Who's maintaining it

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On 04/21/2006 08:45 AM, Frans Pop wrote:
> On Thursday 20 April 2006 08:29, Martin Schulze wrote:
>>Technically the wiki is operated by debian-admin.  For serious
>>problems, please drop debian-admin a note.  Patches in coordination
>>with the python moin wiki maintainer are welcome.  Patches that will be
>>overwritten when a new version gets installed are problematic, though.
> Thanks, but who is coordinating the wiki as a whole?
> Someone should take responsibility for dealing with questions/issues with 
> the wiki in general, not only its technical side.

Frans, -project,

	IMHO, choosing #2 (create a pseudo package) sounds like the way
to go. But I believe we should join web efforts, along with the suggestion
of Kevin Mark:

	"they are 2 different web sites, have different software running
	on them, they should have distinct pseudo package name aka #2.
	Would it make sense to create a single list of WWW, wiki and any
	other possible websites that are officially part of debian? if so,
	then I guess maybe call it 'debian-websites' and have any www and
	wiki bugs go there?" -- Kevin Mark

	IMHO, having some kind of web team to get all the web related
stuff would be the way to go. We could have different pseudo-packages
but we have only one "umbrella" list to take care of very related

	I don't know which is the best move:

	- Consider the -www the official web maillist
		* Have to check with actual subscribers if they want that

	- Create a new list (-web or -websites)
		* Need to check how to interact with -www and possible
		future web related stuff.

	I would like to see the first choice, expanding the audience of
- -www to take care of all web stuff, creating pseudo-packages and creating
some information to know whom to contact according to the situation. A lot
of people contact -www when packages.d.o has problems, we could also
integrate bugs.d.o and other Debian websites. :)

	Hope it helps, kind regards,

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