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Re: irc.debian.org

sven.luther@wanadoo.fr wrote:

>The problem is that the high amount of disconnection one gets from freenode
>makes this a pain, especially as it is not clear for clients like irssi when
Do you? This is unusual, I have clients connected to freenode for many
weeks at a time. Maybe we should discuss this offline to better debug
which kind of issues you are having.

>you are allowed to post or not, as the error message does not appear in the
>/query channel, but in the log one, and it doesn't even specify who you tried
>to /query and was blocked.
I have always considered this an irssi misfeature. :-)
(Anyway, it can be easily corrected.)

>You mentioned some auto-identify scripts, care to give an example of how that
>would work and respond to both above problems ? 
The purpose of such a script is to automatically identify you to
nickserv at connection time. Actually, you do not even need a script for
freenode: just configure your client to use the nickserv password as the
server password (if you use irssi: /help server).
This is documented in the network FAQs, in the section "What's the
easiest way to identify to nickserv when I connect to freenode?":
http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#identify .

>Also, i guess that if you allow none-reg /querying, this leaves you open to
>wide amount of irc-spam that has been circulating in freenode, and supposedly
>oftc is (still) less vulnerable to this.
Currently spam is not a major issue. OFTC AFAIK is currently not a
target of turkish kiddies, but this could change any day like it
happened to freenode.


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