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Re: Reforming the NM process

Panu Kalliokoski wrote on 25/04/2006 13:29:
> I hoped the proposal I was making would allow us to eat the cake and
> keep it too: offer an open upload area but keep the main archive under
> strict quality criteria.  I expect it to be easier to check package
> quality, too, if they're being autobuilt and available for BTS reports
> _before_ having been uploaded to the main archive.

Now this sounds more interesting than anything I read from you in this
thread so far. It would indeed be interesting to see something similar
to this. Something like a "open-uploads" alongside with main, contrib
and non-free (and with auto-builders configured similarly to
experimental: best efford but no warranties). I would, however see some
policy going with it: First upload of a package needs to get an approval
by a DD, uploaders needs to be identified (his PGP/GPG key signed by at
least one DD) and he needs to agree with Debian's Policy documents
(which would apply to open-uploads).

>>Besides, there is no value in a wide-open voting system.  This is
>>called an "Internet poll" and the results generally reflect whatever
>>websites or blogs happen to publicise it.
> Not if those people have to be properly identified via their PGP keys.
> Such a simple requirement will already cut off the "casual Joes" that
> only vote once because they saw the announcement somewhere.  It also
> prevents most ways of abuse.

Well, the one-time-voter could easily be avoided by a requirement that X
can only vote on votes announced (or even: process started - call for
seconds, request for comments) after he was accepted as a person with
voting rights. Or simply a required waiting period after application of
three months or something.
Anyway: I don't want to give voting rights to anyone unless he/she at
least went through the P&P part of the NM process. But actually, I'm
quite happy with the current way of only giving voting rights to full
DDs (and I felt that way before even starting the NM process).


PS: Sorry to Panu: I initially only replied to him directly (by
accident), while the reply was always intended to go to the list.

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